About Us

At our heart is a love for beauty that helps us bravely sail towards whatever lies ahead and to never stop exploring.

Virginia Dare creates dresses for lovely days because life gets more beautiful when you dress up for it.

We believe aesthetics are important - not just a polished exterior, but the art of noticing everyday beauty.

Our pieces are inspired by grand adventures and hope to inspire you to find the same in your grandest or simplest of days.

We want to live in a world surrounded by beauty, and that includes our most personal expression, our clothes. Our goal is to create high-quality dresses that are both elegant and comfortable and that inspire you to find the joy in your projects, to see the beauty in your daily jaunts, and feel confident enough for any adventure, all while looking splendid doing so.

Thank you for stopping by! It's such a pleasure welcoming you to this company. We hope you find your new favorite dresses for all your lovely days to come.

Virginia Dare Dress Company


Why Virginia Dare?

In 1587 Eleanor and Ananias Dare set out from Great Britain to a land known then only as the New World. After settling on Roanoke Island, they had a child, Virginia Dare. She was the first English person born in the colonies of this new dream and has come to symbolize courage, innocence, and adventure.

About You

It's that feeling when you meet someone and think to yourself, she's a kindred.

From serendipities to daily chores, you believe that life is as beautiful as you make it. While you may or may not be particularly artsy, you appreciate those who are and enjoy using your hands to create things that are both lovely and messy. Wildflowers likely find their way into your home, and you probably have a favorite little shop or bookstore that draws you in time and time again.

You value the history of old things and are always ready to hear a good story, whether it’s from today or fifty years ago. You care about people and are often found jotting notes to send to friends far and near.

A favorite day might be enjoying a picnic on a grassy hillside or curling up with a cup of tea and a favorite afghan. Because you appreciate both nature and community, your perfect day might involve taking the occasional jaunt to the farmer’s market and dreaming about that garden you really should start one day. There's a basket on your arm, a skip in your step.

And for all these beautiful days, you want a lovely dress. Ours were designed just for you; this means a great fit, a functional style, carefully selected fabrics, customized prints, and (of course!) pockets.



Size Guide


Camilla XS S M L XL
Bust 33" 34" 36" 37.5" 39"
Waist 30" 31" 33" 35" 37"
Hips 41" 42" 44" 45" 46"

The Camilla dress ties in the back for a customizable fitted waist.


Emma XS S M L XL
Bust 33" 34" 36" 38" 39"
Waist 25.5" 27" 29" 31.5" 33.5"
Hips 36" 37" 38" 39.5" 40"

The Emma dress is made of a heavyweight knit blend of nylon, rayon and spandex so there is a structured stretch to the dress.


Samantha XS S M L XL

The Samantha is a wrap with a full circle skirt (and no pockets) so the fit is determined by tightness of wrap. Best chosen by bust size instead of normal dress size.

All sizes may have a 1"-1.5" difference from the size chart.

"I like adventures, and I'm going to find some."

- Louisa May Alcott

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