About Us

At our heart is a love for beauty that helps us bravely sail towards whatever lies ahead and to never stop exploring.

We design high quality, classic dresses that bring timeless femininity to everyday life. Our pieces are inspired by grand adventures, and we believe life gets more beautiful when you dress up for it.

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The Virginia Dare Dress Co. Woman

You look for adventure wherever you go; you know that there’s strength in kindness, and you have a gift for finding beauty in the everyday. You are a do-er and often a dreamer; you believe elegance is timeless, that quality deserves the effort, and that a beautiful life is always worth the making.


Why Virginia Dare?

In 1587 Eleanor and Ananias Dare set out from Great Britain to a land known then only as the New World. After settling on Roanoke Island, they had a child, Virginia Dare. She was the first English person born in the colonies of this new dream and has come to symbolize courage, innocence, and adventure.

Our Team

"I like adventures, and I'm going to find some."

- Louisa May Alcott

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